Poicephalus robustus robustus
Cape Parrots (P.r.)
Poicephalus robustus
 Brown-Headed Parrot*
Grey-Headed Parrot (P.f.s.)
Poicephalus fuscicollis suahelicus
Cape Parrot (P.r.s)
Poicephalus robustus suahelicus
Brown-Necked Parrot (P.f.f.)
Poicephalus fuscicollis fuscicollis
Cape Parrot (P.r.f.)
Poicephalus robustus fuscicollis
Below photos are my pair of Poicephalus fuscicollis fuscicollis and their offpsring baby that is still in the nest box at age six weeks.  Please return to watch growth of this baby Poicephalus fuscicollis fuscicollis in the nest box.
Cherane Pefley, Aviculturist

P. fuscicollis, fuscicollis Copulating (long)       
This is a darling wildchild P.fuscicollis fuscicollis.  Hatched April 23, 2002 by parents who incubated, hatched, fledged her till age 7months.
Meant for breeding only- although she was co-parented by my taking her out each day as she was being raised.  Pictures of her in the nest box.

 Capers - Wild Bird

D2  on her swing watching R2 (male) feeding himself while baby is inside the nestbox D2 (female)stands  guard.  
Male Cape Pff   His name is R2

Hen Pff

May 24   
May 24  
May 26 I knocked then opened the door to find it waiting for me...with a 'grrrrrr........
May 26 fat little baby...
Saying goodbye
Moved towards the ladder while parents are having a fit..just put it back, cuddles so cute. May26
May 29
R2 watching me carefully.  R2 is hot after me..     

Watching me as I hold his baby. Such a good parent!

R2 watching his baby in the nestbox while I hold

    July 8 all ten pictures taben below are with  baby spending the day out and daddy and daddy  in the box...
R2 (Daddy) watching his offspring and  me.                        Capers watching his dad in the nestbox hole.                           
Capers looking at the toy over the camera

                                                                                                            June 22 Capers is its name   I think this is a male..
Baby Cape photos taken 6-12-2002  Hatched April 23-2002


Capers eats, sleeps,plays and does the wildthing... to start over eating and playing.


R2 filling up again for baby

 October 19, 2002 I pulled the parents and placed in another large flight.  The below photos were taken afterwards.

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